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A Paws-itive Ride Transports in the United States

We are Apaws-itiveride, and we’re here to change the way you think about transportation. We set out to raise the expectation for services related to people’s mobility. Our vision is to provide safe, effective, and comfortable travel for all individuals.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to keep it simple. We provide fast, effective and safe transportation for your family members. Allow us to remove the worry of transporting your pets, while you focus on your travel plans.

A Paws-itive Ride recognizes that your time is very valuable, so we make the transport of your pets as simple and straightforward as possible. In keeping with “Keeping It Simple”, A Paws-itive Ride provides everything (We provide food and water both) for your pets’ comfort such as Water, Bedding, Bowls, Litter Pans, etc. at no additional charge!

A Paws-itive Ride is dedicated to making your loved ones’ travel experience a comfortable one by utilizing ground transportation in planes with a licensed nanny. This removes the stress and anxiety of air travel and group transport which both of these methods can be very traumatic and unpleasant for your pets.

With our private door to door ground transport service, your pets will travel free of anxiety because the trip is about them and then only while they are on their trip with us your pets will receive exercise and potty breaks every 2 to 3 hours. With our “Personal Touch” you may contact our driver anytime, night or day during the trip. Before departing you will be provided the cell phone number of your driver.

Our goal at Apaws-itiveride is to empower people, connect communities, and provide seamless travel experiences. We think that providing reliable, convenient, and memorable transportation goes beyond simply getting people from one place to another.

Our Commitment to Safety

Our primary priority is safety. We are aware that you are putting your trust in us when you select a transportation service. To ensure our drivers are not only qualified professionals but also committed to giving our passengers a safe and comfortable ambiance, we use a strict selection process. To ensure a safe travel, our cars go through regular upkeep and are fitted with modern security features.

Transportation Innovation

we’re dedicated to keeping on the leading edge of transportation technology. We take adv antage of the most recent developments to simplify booking, improve routes, and guarantee punctuality. You can easily book trips using our user-friendly app, follow your driver in real-time, and get necessary notifications, giving you control over your travel experience.

Responsibility for the environment

we are aware of how crucial environmental sustainability is in the modern society. We are continuously making efforts to reduce our carbon impact because of this. We make investments in environmentally friendly automobiles and continually look for new, creative ways to lower emissions. In addition to selecting a first-rate transportation service, you are also helping to create a lusher, more sustainable future by choosing Apaws-itiveride

Join Together on the Journey

Having you on board as we continue to reimagine human mobility makes us very happy. No matter if you’re a regular traveler, a commuter on a daily basis, or just someone seeking a safe journey, Apaws-itiveride is here to go above and beyond your expectations.

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Local Services

we pick up at Groomer’s beauty shops, veterinarian clinic’s, animal Shelters, as well as breeder’s homing puppies and are able to pick up dog or cat food for delivery to your front door!


However, In the event, you reschedule your transport 10 days or less prior to your transport date that you chose a 10{bf8872a31e1ee102419a02dd394ee92f7d50ad9be61eb1879815baa8a2089c22} rescheduling fee will apply. Cancellations up to 1 week prior to your transport being DISPATCHED FROM ITS’ BASE OF ORIGIN will result in a 25{bf8872a31e1ee102419a02dd394ee92f7d50ad9be61eb1879815baa8a2089c22} cancellation fee of the total transport cost. Once transport has been dispatched from its’ base of origin, a cancellation will result in absolutely no refund.
“Keeping It Simple.”A positive ride provides everything (except food and litter) for your pets. Comfort such as Water, Bedding, Bowls, Litter Pans, etc. at no additional charge. Credit Card, Certified Check, Money Order and Personal checks are all acceptable forms of payment.
A positive ride welcomes Personal check, however, we require 10 business day’s prior to your pet transport to allow funds to post.
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We’re committed to reinventing how you move and making every journey special

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