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However, In the event, you reschedule your transport 10 days or less prior to your transport date that you chose a 10{bf8872a31e1ee102419a02dd394ee92f7d50ad9be61eb1879815baa8a2089c22} rescheduling fee will apply. Cancellations up to 1 week prior to your transport being DISPATCHED FROM ITS’ BASE OF ORIGIN will result in a 25{bf8872a31e1ee102419a02dd394ee92f7d50ad9be61eb1879815baa8a2089c22} cancellation fee of the total transport cost. Once transport has been dispatched from its’ base of origin, a cancellation will result in absolutely no refund.
“Keeping It Simple.”A positive ride provides everything (except food and litter) for your pets. Comfort such as Water, Bedding, Bowls, Litter Pans, etc. at no additional charge. Credit Card, Certified Check, Money Order and Personal checks are all acceptable forms of payment.
A positive ride welcomes Personal check, however, we require 10 business day’s prior to your pet transport to allow funds to post.
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