Hurricane Dorian Safety Check-In

Preparation Tips For Your Pets

We suggest the following preparations for your pets in advance of Hurricane Dorian

1 – Make sure you have at least 5 days worth of pet food and water for your pets. The food should be stored in a waterproof container

2 – Place a Rescue Sticker on your front door detailing how many pets and what kind of pets you have in your house. (example 2 dogs 2 cats) This will help rescue workers save all your pets should the worst happen

3 – Have recent photographs of each of your pets ready in case you get separated and need to circulate flyers/emails after

4 – Make sure each of your pets has a collar on with identification and your phone number/contact information

5 – Locate and safely store all of your pets medical records in a waterproof container and have a pet first aid kit on hand

6 – Bring all your pets inside as soon as the adverse weather begins

7 – Plan an evacuation route and destination taking into account boarding kennels at your destination

8 – Make sure that you have a crate for each of your pets for safe handling if transportation is required

9 – If you have not already done so and you have time, then try to get all your pets microchipped

10 – Have feeding dishes, blankets and a portable kitty litter box if applicable

Be safe and God Bless

Chris Hoar – Co-founder Pet Pardons

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