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5 Traps to Avoid When Bonding With Your Dog to Strengthen It

As a pet owner, you always need to look for ways to make a strong bond with your dog. This blog shares how to make a firm bond with your dog by avoiding traps.

I love My Dog.. It makes me feel so Good!- Does that mean we have a great bond?

Of course! Your pet always makes you feel good. When living together, both you and your pet understand each other’s habits. You know when your pet needs food or the certain reactions he does. This is the love that naturally develops over time, making both of you comfortable with each other. But what is a bond?

Love is when a dog feels excited when you come home, while the bond is when he remains with you when you need him. In human terminology, love is what you feel when your relatives come home, or you enjoy going out with your cousins. But the bond is what you share with your best friend. 

It’s different, isn’t it?

When it comes to bonding with your dog, it always requires you to put effort in. It needs attention, engagement, and time to grow. A strong bond not only makes your life stress-free but also makes it more beautiful.

But do you know that often human-dog relationships tend to get weakened? A series of human-created bond violations such as not providing enough training, giving physical punishment, lack of engagement with the dog, or neglecting dog care can ultimately lead you towards making a weak bond.

So, what to do?

In order to have a great bond and a frustration-free relationship, you need to go beyond love and training. Here, today’s blog provides you with a complete guide on how to cement a bond with your dog and build on respect, trust, and love.

Know Your Bond with Your Dog

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Before knowing the traps to avoid when bonding with your dog, it’s important to evaluate your present bond with your dog. If your dog likes to be around you, that’s a good sign, but do you know it can be a sign of separation anxiety too?

Even according to experts, if your dog can’t let you use the bathroom alone, it isn’t a loving bond. Instead, it’s an unhealthy attachment. 

Doubtful about whether your bond is as great as you think or something is lacking? Let’s know the signs of weak and strong bongs discussed below.

Let’s have a look at the weak and strong bond signs that can help you understand your relationship. 

1. Signs of Weak Bond

Although you might be a caring person or making the best efforts from your end to make your dog feel comfy, still the dog might not feel as close to you as you feel. Therefore, it is important to identify the signs of weak bonds. Some of the major sign of weak bond includes

  •         Poor eye contact
  •         Failure to respond to commands
  •         Attempts to run off
  •         Dislikes handling
  •         Depression
  •         Less or no desire to play

2. Signs of Strong Bond

The strong bond doesn’t need to be identified. Instead, you will feel it. Your dog will have a real light in the eyes. You’ll see the excitement when he jumps over you as soon as you come home; even he will vocalize his joys. When evaluating your bond, identify the strong bond signs listed below:

  •         Frequently check in to see where you’re
  •         Having a desire to be near you
  •         Listen to your instructions
  •         Frequently looks at you to maintain a high level of focus
  •         Love for physical interaction
  •         Always step in when he feels that you are in danger
  •         Plays with you
  •         Strong ability to communicate needs, wants, or concerns

Tips To Improve Your Bond

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Your pet comes running when you return home and snuggles up to you on the couch every night. You feel like you’re bonded for life!

While it’s true that this is a sign of a strong bond, it’s not enough. You need to do more things to improve your bond. So what are they? Let’s find out below.

1.      Provide Training

Training is one of the mandatory tasks that every pet owner should do. It not only teaches your dog better manners and behavior, but it is also an enriching activity that ultimately makes a firm connection. The dog will learn new commands from you and, on each accomplishment, gets a reward that builds up his confidence.

You can make him learn basic commands, or if he already knows, then add new commands to the training list. This is a good practice that always deepens the connection between you and your dog.

2.      Give Pat & Cuddles

Dogs always appreciate pat and cuddling by their caretaker/owner. Therefore, it is always necessary for you to pay attention to your dog every day. Spending time engaging in physical contact with your pet always lets you improve your bond.

You can give a quick pat on the head or join them on the floor when he snuggles to spend quality cuddle time. These small acts will make you connect with your dog more effectively.

3.      Create a Routine

When trying to let your dog build trust in you, it is essential to create a proper schedule. This allows your dog to know what is expected from them while making you feel proud.

You can create a routine together and stay consistent in following it. Also, it is important for you to stick to cue words that your dog already knows to avoid misunderstandings.

4.      Grooming

Dogs always cherish when they are properly socialized. They always like spending time and doing activities. For now, your dog might feel uncomfortable taking a bath or brushing and cutting the nails. However, treating him gently by giving him a reward would help you get their love and attention.

5.      Provide Extra Care

Providing extensive care even to a grown-up dog is necessary. Unlike humans, dogs can’t take care of themselves properly, even when they are surrounded by humans. But how do you do it?

While on a daily basis checking the dog’s condition or protecting it from cold or heat waves is good. But often, people neglect to care about it when they are relocating or traveling. In such scenarios, you need to take help from a pet moving company that can ensure that your pet remains safe from any hazards.

Traps You Must Avoid When Bonding With Your Dog

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Now you know how you can make a more effective bond with your dog. But while implementing it, there are a few major traps that you need to avoid all the time. Most of the time, people make major mistakes while trying to make a strong bond.

Remember that you need to avoid the things listed below, or else you might strain the bond which you are trying to form.

1.      Using Too Many Words

It is always good to command your dogs. However, going beyond the 2-3 words can be risky. This is because the dog tries to connect verbal and body language. And most of the time, humans fail to put them both together.  

Therefore, it is always advisable to avoid using too many words. You can try experimenting for a whole day without using a word and using only your body language to communicate with your dog. You’ll know how much you talk with your body and also get aware of the body movements and positions you need to get the response.

2.      Hugging Your Dog

Who doesn’t love to hug the dog? There is always an urge to wrap up your dog in your arms. However, dogs often hate the hug. If the dog places the foreleg or paws on the back or tries to move backward, this is an act of control. It’s a clear sign that he doesn’t want you to hug. So, always try to avoid hugging your dog on a daily basis.

3.      Don’t Initiate Kiss

It’s true that almost every dog loves to lick their tongue when they feel aroused. However, they dislike someone forcing them to kiss. They have their own moods, and of course, as a dog lover, you should respect your dog’s mood.

The best way is to read and understand the body language of your dog. Know whether he wag or comply? Or get nervous? Also, you can try letting him initiate the kiss instead of asking them.

4.      No Rules or Structure

Often people think that dogs get offended or unhappy with rules and structure. But it’s totally the opposite of this. Dogs require certain rules and structures they can follow. They want to know their boundaries and how certain things would make you happy.

Therefore, it is necessary to set rules and structure that would make your dog’s life easy and help him to understand the instructions properly.

5.      Strong Fragrance

Not everyone is fond of strong fragrances, especially your dogs. The smell of your perfume might be amazing, but it can tickle your pet’s nose, making him feel uncomfortable. Therefore, you must avoid strong fragrances when you are around your dog.

Make Your Pet Your Best Friend

Every dog owner loves his dog unconditionally. But very few can actually make them feel their importance. From taking the dog transportation service to avoiding giving too many hugs, you can strengthen your bond with your dog. 

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