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From A to B: Ensuring Safe and Secure Pet Relocation

Whether traveling for vacation or relocation, safely getting a pet from point A to B can be challenging. Many pet owners consider paying a small fee to carry their dog or cat with them on the plane. But this isn’t the right move at all.

Your pet might suffer from travel stress or get ill without proper care. Of course, no one wants this, especially with their pet, who is like the family. So, what to do?

Here you can take pet relocation services. Taking professional assistance for your pet is always a good step to ensure safe and secure relocation.

Today’s blog post shares a complete guide on ensuring your pet’s safe relocation. So, let’s dive in!

Things to Consider Before Planning To Travel with Your Pet

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Pet relocation is a challenging task. You need to manage everything to make sure that your pet remains safe. While relocating a pet can be a cumbersome task, there are still ways to make your pet relocation stress-free. For instance, you can plan ahead of time to avoid any stress.

Planning doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Consider knowing the following key things before you think of traveling/relocating with your pet.   

1. Vet Consideration

The vet is the only person that can help you out by giving you a clear perspective on your pet’s medical condition. Often the pet looks normal; however, traveling might not suit their health. Therefore, vets always conduct a proper checkup of your pet before they travel.

You need to talk to the vet before you plan a trip. Once the vet monitors your pet’s health and approves that it is safe to travel, then you are good to move to the next step. However, in case your pet’s health isn’t good, you need to hire a home-sitter or lodge them in a facility instead of taking them along.

2. Pick the Right Mode of  Transportation

Transportation is one of the most important things to consider when doing pet relocation. You need to decide how you are traveling. If you are traveling by automobile or train, then your dog might be more comfortable resting on your lap or pet bed. This is because on short trips, your pet most probably won’t face any stress, and neither will you feel any.

But when you choose to fly in a plane, you must know the requirements of the airline. Many airlines charge an extra fee for carrying pets, even some never allow any pets. Therefore, to avoid getting panicked at the last moment, always check the policy of your airline.

3. Documentations

Your pet’s documentation is always essential when traveling. From the medical to the vaccination, you need every document of your pet. Even a personal ID is vital when you are traveling on a flight. This is because a pet can get confused or scared at the airport and is more prone to escape or flee. Therefore by having a proper ID, it can easily be found without any hurdles.

4.  Pet Care

Pet care isn’t limited to having the vet or taking precautions before traveling. Instead, you need to think about your pet’s comfort. The majority of the people consider hiring companies that provide air pet relocation in Texas or in other parts of the State.

How to Ensure Safe & Secure Pet Relocation?

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Now once you know what to consider before traveling, it is essential to look out for the ways that can help you in making your pet relocation safe and secure. Although there are many general tips that you can follow, the significant aspects that you need to look into are as follows.

1. Make Your Pet Feel Comfy On Packing Day

On packing day, it is obvious to be occupied by plenty of tasks. During this duration, you might neglect your pet. Even if not, there is a high chance that your pet might get hurt during the shifting of your furniture or other household items.

So, what to do? The easy way is to allocate the room to your cat and shut the doors. In this way, neither your cat would get scared or hurt while the movers will load the truck.

2. Hire a Professional

When your pet’s safety is a concern, paying additional charges won’t hurt you at all. You can get dog transportation services to make a secure and safe relocation. Professionals always take care of the whole process, ensuring that your pet enjoys the trip while you get a stress-free service.

Even many professional companies offer door-to-door pet relocation, which not only helps you save time but also gives you peace of mind.

3. Pet Proofing New Location

Pet proofing the location where you are shifting is necessary. Anything that might hurt or make your pet feel offended should be removed. You can tuck away electrical cords, plug up nooks, and get secure screens for windows. This is one of the most critical tasks to ensure the safety and security of your pet.

4. Make Your Pet Comfy

Pets often get scared or even get anxious before or during travel. To avoid it, make your pet feel comfy. You can give them time to run or start playing with them. This will make the pet comfortable and allows them to sleep comfortably during the journey.

Let’s Give Priority to Your Pet’s Safety!

Make your pet’s safety your priority. Owning a pet isn’t all about playing with them. You need to take responsibility for making your pet feel comfy and secure. While it’s great to follow the above steps and tips when relocating with your pet, it is also necessary for you to make sure that you hire a professional expert to avoid any hassle. 

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